Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sound Advice

One thing I have learned in my life is that the answers most of us are looking for, we already know. They live within us beneath that part that doesn't want to see or is afraid. Because of this, we often need a little help uncovering them from someone without judgment or anything to gain by keeping our individual hopes, wants, needs and truths in the dark.

We all have well-meaning friends and family, who know exactly what it would take to solve our problems. And while it's often great to get insight from those who know us best, there are also some things we prefer not to share with them for whatever reason. There are also times when the people closest to us can't separate themselves from their own feelings – so they cannot be objective and honest.

So, I start this blog to offer anyone who is looking for some sound advice my ear and my thoughts. Take from it what you will. I am no life expert, just someone who is here to listen and offer some perspective.

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